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2021 Season

Spring SMACKDOWN! Turkey Hunting in the Black Hills

Wingmen goes spring turkey hunting! It’s a gobbler smackdown with two public land DIY Merriam’s turkeys. Todd Helms and Luke Washington take the hills northeast Wyoming to lure strutting toms into range of their CZ-USA shotguns. Watch the action unfold and learn turkey hunting tricks for hunting out west.

Solo Mallard Hunt | Wingmen Duck Hunting Late Season

Wingman Todd Helms goes duck hunting, solo and DIY to finish out the Wyoming late season. After a quick repair to the river blind, it’s time to smash some birds! Todd puts his CZ Redhead Premier All Terrain to harvest his limit of mallards.

2020 Season

Five Man Duck Smash

Duck hunting for the Wingmen crew was tough in 2020. Get in the blind with a first time hunter and a crew of veterans. It’s a FIVE MAN SMASH! A local storm brought the conditions the guys needed to limit out.

Iowa Spring Turkey Hunting - DIY Gobblers

Go spring turkey hunting in the midwest with Wingmen! It’s a family hunt with Todd and his wife Grace. They put their western turkey hunting tactics to work to get Grace her first wild Eastern turkey.

Dad's Daughters and Donuts

Go goose hunting with the Wingmen crew. The guys bring their kids to the blind to have some fun on a mild late season Canada goose hunt. Believe it or not, this is Guy Eastman’s very first goose hunt!

Sitka Gear Late Season Goose Hunting in EXTREME conditions!

Late season goose hunting can be tough! Weather conditions are harsh and geese are wise to the game. The Wingmen crew gears up and rains hell fire on a field goose hunt in below zero temperatures! A goose is speared by a cornstalk and the guys limit out on Canada geese. Sitka’s waterfowl product manager Jim Saubier join the Wingmen crew for two days of goose hunting.

2019 Season

DIY Duck Hunting
Public Land

The Wingmen crew braves subzero temperatures to go duck hunting on a public land island. After landing the drift boat safely in the dark, the crew has to get creative to shoot their limit on this DIY hunt. To find public land waterfowl hunting spots apps like onXhunt are critical. DIY duck hunting takes ingenuity and persistence. It pays off Wingmen on this late season duck hunt.

Two Public Land Gobblers!
Spring Turkey Hunting (Part 2)

Journey out west with Wingmen for the conclusion of their spring turkey hunting adventure! This hunt isn’t your average Merriam’s turkey hunt. The crew must pull out their big game tactics to close the deal on three toms.

It’s a run and gun, spot and stalk spring thunder turkey hunting affair! Join Todd Helms, Scott Reekers and Brandon Mason for part one of their two part 2019 spring turkey hunt.

The Blind

The Wingmen crew shows off their favorite duck blind in this webisode. Hunting ducks and geese on a stretch of river keeps the dogs on their toes and the hunters with eyes to the sky. Todd Helms shares his blind hunting tips to help make your go-to duck hunting spot even better!

Pheasants Aren't Native?!
Hunting Ring Necked Pheasants

Pheasant hunting is a rite of passage and a first-time hunt for many. The colorful game bird has been a popular quarry for almost a century, but many people don’t realize that pheasants were introduced to the United States in the late 1800s. In Wyoming today, pheasants are raised at bird farms to support the thousands of hunters that benefit from this hunting opportunity. The bird is excellent table fare and serves as a valuable hunting recruitment opportunity.

Spring Turkey Hunting
Western Public Land (Part 1)

Journey out west with Wingmen for spring turkey hunting adventure! This hunt isn’t your average Merriam’s turkey hunt. The crew must pull out their big game tactics to close the deal on three toms. It’s a run and gun, spot and stalk turkey hunting affair! Join Todd Helms, Scott Reekers and Brandon Mason for part 1 of their two part 2019 spring turkey hunt.

2018 Season

New Blood:
Hunter Recruitment

Every hunter has a responsibility to recruit new blood into the hunting world. Hunter’s Chris Hoellwarth and Scott Reekers dive into the nuts and bolts of how Chris has spent the last few years recruiting new blood into the water fowling world.

Duck Tornado!
Epic Field Duck Hunting

Watch a tornado of mallards take over a corn stubble field for a jaw dropping duck hunt. Good scouting pays off for the Wingmen crew. Over the course of two days, Todd Helms and crew limit out and enjoy epic duck hunting. They even bag a few bonus widgeon! There are two many green heads to count on this western waterfowl hunt.

Turkey Hunting 101
A Hunt Near Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Turkey hunter Todd Helms reunites with his former student and friend, Joe Penning, to once again take a western gobbler in Northeast Wyoming, near Devil’s Tower. After realizing that they might be pushing too much, Joe becomes the teacher by informing Todd, and they soon tag a spring turkey. Join this pair of Wingmen for a DIY public land turkey hunt in the heart of the Black Hills country.

Opening Day Duck Hunting in Wyoming
2018 Wingmen Hunt

Duck hunting flooded corn is a 2018 opening day treat for the Wingmen in Wyoming. Todd Helms and crew enjoy a mixed bag morning waterfowl hunt bagging mallards, teal, gadwall, spoonbill and a bonus Canada goose. Learn the strategy behind hunting standing corn when possible.

The Daily - Hunting Ducks and Geese
in the 2017-2018 Waterfowl Season

Waterfowl hunters know that each hunt comes with its own challenges, whether hunting ducks or geese. Wingmen Todd Helms and Scott Reekers look back at the previous season and forward to hunting waterfowl this fall. Between getting a Ram truck stuck in the mud and decoys blowing away in high Wyoming winds, the 2017-2018 wing shooting season was one of many memories to take away.

Guide's Life, Waterfowl Hunting the West
A Wingmen Short

Hunt ducks and geese in the mountain west with Wingman Nick Kafcas. A lifetime of duck hunting and a wildlife biology degree has allowed Kafcas to turn his waterfowl obsession into a career.
2017 Season

2017 Dove Season Opener in Wyoming
New Beginnings, A Wingmen Short

Bird hunters everywhere rejoice on September 1st each year. The opening day of dove hunting season helps ease the summer itch and remove the off-season rust. A group of Wyoming wingmen take this chance to harvest a tasty, organic meal and grow a new hunting friendship.

A Waterfowl Dream Hunt
Snow Geese Hunting in Saskatchewan

Take to the fields of Saskatchewan with hunter Doug Peterson to experience a tornado of migrating geese. This is a hunt waterfowler’s dreams are made of! Wingman Peterson shares his hunting passion and demonstrates that snow goose hunting and conservation go hand-in-hand.

Drift Hunting Ducks in Wyoming
A DIY Public Land Waterfowl Hunt

Hunt Wyoming ducks with wingman Todd Helms on this one-of-a-kind public land adventure. Get in a drift boat with these hunters well before daylight to reach a river island, the perfect ambush location. The ducks come in fast and furious just as shooting light reaches the horizon to kick off hits truly western DIY hunt.

Hunting Western Thunder Chickens in Wyoming - A Black Hills Spring Turkey Hunt

Wingmen Todd Helms and Dan Turvey, Jr. pound some dirt in western Wyoming after spring turkeys. Hunting western gobblers can be a different experience than eastern turkey hunting. Helms and Turvey won’t let road closures prevent them from stopping the flop and putting the hurt on a strutting gobbler.

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