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2019 Annual – The 5th and final installment of the MRS Annual features a fresh design perspective coupled with the most data and research yet. We’ve included more data here than found in the MRS sections of any of our previous magazines. This book is the culmination of 5 years worth of experience and passion all bound in a high quality edition that rounds out and wraps up not only your collection but almost a decade’s worth of research and data. 

2018 Annual – The 4th Edition of this set of five helps round out the data and research trends set forth in Editions 1 through 3. With this edition historical trends and patterns are almost set in stone and paint a vivid picture of game units and areas across the West. This edition also features the most unique cover we’ve ever designed, it’s a true collector’s item. 

2017 Annual – Eastmans’ 3rd Edition MRS Annual picks up where the first two leave off bringing you even more exclusive content, updated research and data points, fresh gear reviews and of course the breathtaking layout and design you expect from an Eastmans’ product. No set of MRS Annuals is complete without every edition. 

2016 Annual – The 2nd Edition MRS Annual continues where we left off in 2015. We expanded the data and analyses, beefed up the gear reviews and added another brick in the research wall to help you paint a more complete picture when digging deep in your hunting research.

2015 Annual – This is the inaugural MRS Annual, the one that started it all. It contains exclusive content from 2013 – 2015 highlighting harvest data and game population trends. This is the cornerstone book and extended research is incomplete without our 1st Edition MRS Annual.

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