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Brian Barney is an outdoor writer for Eastmans. He is an adventure bowhunter that spends over 100 days a year hunting our public lands. He has a wealth of knowledge hunting western big game and has a knack for harvesting huge mind blowing trophies.

Brian Barney is partnered with Eastmans for this fly fishing podcast. Brian resides in Montana and travels the west and beyond Fly fishing. He has a bunch of buddies that share the same passion for wild waters, fly rods and big fish. Along with trout Brian loves the adventure of travel going to foreign waters to fish for steelhead, salmon, the flats and more. Brian is also into getting the most out of this life and loves having laughs with family and friends. If you want to get fired up about fly fishing, this is a good place to start.

Pull up a chair, crank up the volume, grab a beverage and get ready for a real world bird hunting podcast brought to you by Eastmans’. Here at the Wingmen podcast we eat, sleep and breathe ducks, geese, upland birds, turkeys, dogs, shotguns, gear and tactics, 24-7. The Wingmen Podcast is hosted by hunters, folks whose passion for all things winged is sewn into the flannel fabric of our souls. We love a good story, a deep laugh, a hot new tactic and all the latest gear from around the world of wingshooting. 

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