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Colorado: Wolves, Winterkill & More Tags?

The 3-4 May meeting of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission was tremendously significant for…

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Mathews Phase 4 Bow Review [Video]

Tackling the biggest access challenges to improve hunting and fishing on public land

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Last Chance for Sanity in Colorado?

A group of Colorado lawmakers are attempting to inject some logic (even sanity) into the wolf reintroduction plan…

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Elk vs. Mule Deer

Before I dive into this subject with any level of analysis or personal opinion I have to make a much needed…

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Eastmans’ Ultimate Hunter Giveaway

We have teamed up with some of the best brands to bring you the ultimate spring giveaway worth over $5,000!

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Hunting Rifle Review: In-Rut Kraken Trekker Light [Video]

Tackling the biggest access challenges to improve hunting and fishing on public land

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Montana Mule Deer Hunting: The People Have Spoken

Research performed by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks was conducted by mailing out 4800 deer license holder…

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Hunt The West Every Year!

Every hunter I know wants to have more than one tag in their pocket every year. The question then…

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