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Montana FWP Issues Invalid Tags

Well another application season ends in Montana with some major errors in the sheep and moose drawings…

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Killing Grizzlies: Mistaken Identity Killing Chances Of Delisting?

“Right now, the problem is too many people with too many guns, and too much time on their hands,” …

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Colorado Wolf Reintroduction – Your Action is Needed NOW

ACTION NEEDED NOW: Two wolf management bills just passed the Colorado House and Senate…

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Anxiety | EHJ i197 MUST READ

The 3-4 May meeting of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission was tremendously significant for…

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SEA12 Bipod Review for Hunters and Shooters [Video]

This review features the SEA12 Bipod built by Swagger Bipods.

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Calling All Predator Hunters!

As spring progresses the snow melt is uncovering more and more bad news for big game populations out West…

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Hunters Step Up To The Plate AGAIN!

In an era where we seem to see the worst of humanity, there is still a remnant of decency and integrity…

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Approves Historic Final Wolf Restoration and Management Plan

This morning, 3 May, during the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission Meeting, the Commissioners unanimously approved…

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