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Icing On The Cake

My dad and I were deer and elk hunting in some remote back country in northern Utah when I was…

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How to Make the BEST Coffee in Hunting Camp | Juniper Mountain Coffee Review [Video]

Ike Eastman and Brandon Mason use a Jet Boil to brew coffee with a french press, steep bags and old fashioned cowboy style coffee.

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Wyoming BLM Conservation Plan Meetings

Part of the process is for the public to be engaged in meetings with BLM staff about decisions for what the agency will do on this public ground…

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Tips & Tactics: Dealing with Hunting Pressure

It is very rare these days to hunt a public land unit that has little or no hunting pressure.

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Mountain Lion Hunting Ban Filed in Colorado

Remember when a bunch of liberals pushed Proposition 114 to reintroduce wolves onto the Colorado ballot back in 2020…

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Don’t Slap A Gift Horse In The Mouth

The forecast showed 75 degrees and sunny. . . really, 75 degrees? I waited six years to draw this tag and…

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Scouting Test: EdgePro Trail Cam by Moultrie Mobile Review [Video]

Make scouting for your next hunt easier than ever with real-time updates sent straight to your phone with the Moultrie Mobile app.

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The Great Grizzly Debate

Wyoming is in need of a grizzly bear hunting season. This isn’t a new take on the current situation. These discussions have been going on for years…

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