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UNBELIEVABLE Wildlife MIGRATION! - Story of Wyoming’s Mule Deer

Migration is key to the survival of mule deer and other wildlife. Understanding migration paths is a key to conserving mule deer and other wildlife for generations to come. As our landscapes become more developed conservation of migration corridors is becoming more important. This is the story of Wyoming’s mule deer. Ongoing migration research is setting the standard for mule deer conservation across the West.

Greenheads! Duck Hunting River Mallards

Go hunting for ducks and geese at Wingmen’s favorite river blind. A recent winter storm has pushed a pile of mallards into the area making for a fun shoot! Ike Eastman brings his daughter Charlie along for her first time in the duck blind.

Ice Shelf Duck Hunt, Family Style!

Hunt late season ducks over an ice shelf with the Wingmen crew. This hunt is a family affair with new shooters and kids in tow. Tag along for some fun in our favorite blind!

Hunting Sandhill Cranes in Oklahoma

Travel with Wingmen to hunt sandhill cranes and geese in Oklahoma. This is Todd’s first sandhill crane hunt. With the help of The Outfit Oklahoma Todd and the crew make the most of tough late season hunting conditions.

Your Public Land Is At Risk!

This wildlife conservation story features the most important bird you’ve probably never heard of. Sage grouse hunting has been a fixture of American culture since the earliest pioneers settled the West. This native upland game bird is the canary in the coal mine for the sagebrush landscape it calls home. Sagebrush habitat loss due to a variety of threats could place the sage grouse on the endangered species list affecting western public lands the size of Texas! Join Wingmen Todd Helms and Ike Eastman as they explore the story of the sage grouse. This film aims to open the eyes of the American public to an issue they are likely completely unaware of, but could have a real impact on their day to day lives.

We Shot a Pintail! Hunting a Huge Feed

Go duck and goose hunting on the ‘X’ with Wingmen on a New Year’s Eve smash! Todd Helms has located a feed and is taking full advantage. With the help of Western Waterfowlers, a dozen shotguns and a heated blind, the crew hammers honkers and mallards to celebrate the coming New Year!

Geese In Our Face! Hunting Late Season Traffic

Hunt geese in the late season with the Wingmen crew. A January storm has a pile of Canada geese holed up in our area. With the help of Western Waterfowlers, the crew pulls out all the stops to run traffic on these geese. The Taj Mahal of heated custom blinds allows a large group of hunters to comfortably shoot a limit on this cold morning hunt!

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