Youth Get 1st Shot at Colorado Leftovers

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Youth Get 1st Shot at Colorado Leftovers

By David Hoshour

Youth hunters, listen up! Interested in a big game draw where youth ages 12-17 have total preference for Colorado big game licenses? These are not youth licenses; they are regular big game licenses.

That’s right. Colorado’s new secondary draw for licenses left over from the first draw is accepting applications June 5 to July 7. It replaces the old leftover draw and the State decided to give youth applicants total preference over adults. The draw is open to everyone whether they applied in the first draw or not. In addition to deer and elk licenses it also now includes pronghorn and bear. 

Applicants must still buy a qualifying hunting license first. But, the cost of a nonresident combination small game hunting and fishing license is only $1.26. That’s no typo – it is one dollar and 26 cents. Youth big game licenses are also less expensive. For youth, nonresident deer, elk and pronghorn are $100, bear is about $50. God bless you if you buy a bear license, Colorado has way too many bears right now. 

No, Mom and Dad you cannot tag along on the youth application, youth must apply separately from adults in order to get preference. In fact, youth cannot apply as a group either, just one per application. The draw is random, preference points are not counted or used.

So what is available? The list will be posted June 5. In last year’s leftover draw there were of course a lot of doe and cow tags and tags from not very popular units, but there were also some decent buck tags for deer and even pronghorn. A lot were private land hunts or archery but there were some public land buck hunts too. This year the list may be longer because applications were down this year due to people pulling back on spending due to the pandemic.

If you’re older than 17, this means your chances went down to get a leftover tag. But, there is still the returned tags list and that annual free-for-all starts August 4 and 9 am Mountain Time.

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