Mule Deer Goals

Chad Bracken-MD-WY-DIY-PL

Prior to my hunting season, I began preparation the same as every year, lots of gym time “cardio” and…


030821_Cabe Jensen-MD-UT-DIY-PL

Outside of Delta, Utah on my way to Dry Lake, Nevada to gather our families cattle off of winter range…

Velvet Dreams Are Made Of These

Rob Balser | MD-WY-DIY-PL

I was really excited for hunting season because it was my first year as a Wyoming resident. My wife, Janet, and I went on numerous scouting trips with no monster bucks or bulls…

Scoring Big In Wyoming

Andrew DeLaney_ANT_MD_WY_GD_PV

As our much anticipated Wyoming adventure approached, my two pals Jared and Wes Williams and I were…

Holy Grail Muleys

I have been a diehard muley guy for years now, paying my dues looking for the “Holy Grail” of mule deer.