Outdoor Edge | RazorMax


Outdoor Edge | RazorMax

By Brandon Mason

For years we have been using the Outdoor Edge line of knives in the field, especially their replaceable-blade folding knives. You’ve probably also seen the various knives from Outdoor Edge in this replaceable-blade family in our subscription offers. All of these have been folding knives – until now.


For 2019 Outdoor Edge added to their line of replaceable-blade knives to include the RazorMax. Not only is this a fixed blade knife and replaceable-blade knife, but it also has the option to interchange the 3.5” drop-point blade from their popular RazorLite series with a 5.0” fillet/boning blade. This is a complete replaceable-blade system knife for virtually all of your hunting, fishing, and culinary needs.

The blade replacement system is the same as their RazorLite knives, using the patented RazorSafe technology that allows you to replace the blades without risk of injury by the simple push of a button. The blade holder is steel and is black oxide-coated for durability and good looks for more years than you’ll be alive to use it.

The handle is rubberized and ergonomically designed for reduced slippage during use and comes in your choice of orange with a Mossy Oak sheath or black in a black sheath. The extra blades are stored in a blade holder that is attached to the sheath and is removable if you prefer to store/transport them separately. The total weight with sheath is 4.7 oz and 2.6 oz without the sheath.

The knife comes with 6 blades (3 of the 3.5” and 3 of the 5.0”), knife sheath, blade holder and is $79.95 at their website.

One of the features we love with the whole Razor family of knives from Outdoor Edge is that even though the blades are replaceable, they are also really easy to sharpen and reuse again and again. If you aren’t the best at sharpening your own knife, they have an amazing little knife sharpener that will touch up the replaceable blades (or any other blade you have). It is called the Edge-X Pro Sharpener and is only $18.95. It has coarse carbide, medium carbide, and ceramic sharpening options, plus a swivel carbide rod that sharpens serrated blades and fish hooks.

Outdoor Edge Knives

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