Lettin’ It Slide – Slider Sights for Bowhunting

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Lettin’ It Slide | Slider Sights for Bowhunting

By Dan Pickar

Every good bowhunter wants to have the best setup possible. With all the fine-tuned options out there, there is no excuse to be limited by your equipment. In an effort to increase accuracy, simplicity and overall shot effectiveness, I switched over to a slider sight, specifically, a single-pin driver.

The initial attraction to a single pin is all the open real estate in the sight ring. In the past I have used 5-7 horizontal pins that blot out half the target. A single pin driver gives you much more visibility which allows for more precise aiming. I have found that my horizontal accuracy has improved with the increased visibility of the target through the sight ring, specifically when shooting through tight timber. It also gives me more confidence shooting through tight lanes and makes it a lot easier for me to pick a small, precise aiming point; you know the saying – “aim small, miss small.” I am confident in saying that my accuracy and consistency have improved with this style of sight.

Some people ask, “How do you adjust your sight on the fly when hunting or when a shot opportunity happens fast?” The answer is simple. I don’t. This is where a fast, flat shooting bow complements a slider sight.

In this day and age with speed bows, arrow drop from 20-30 and 30-40 yards is minimal. I keep my sight set at 30 yards at all times so I am ready to shoot without having to adjust my yardage out to 40 and in some cases even farther. Two years ago in Hawaii, I bumped a small group of axis deer at 15 yards. They ran out to about 50 to stop and look back. Knowing my sight was set for 30 yards, I drew back and settled my pin on the spine of a doe and hit her perfectly, right through the top of the heart.

With my current set up my arrow impact is not quite two inches high at 20 yards and two inches low at 40 yards. Knowing this, it is very easy to use “Kentucky windage” and hold a tad low at 20 and a tad high at 40 yards which voids the need to move the sight.

If I need to take a shot at the 50 yard mark, usually I will have plenty of time to range the animal and adjust my sight before taking that shot. This tactic has worked very well for me the last few years and now I can’t imagine hunting any other way. It is a different mindset than counting pins, but I have proven to myself that I am a more effective bowhunter. No more counting pins or having pin clutter. I see nearly 100% of the target, so I just plain shoot better. For me it’s a simple choice and I have found that simple kills.

Virtually every major sight manufacturer has slider sight models and many have multiple models to choose from, including multiple pin models. Some of my favorites are Black Gold, Spot Hogg, Trophy Ridge and CBE. Whichever you choose I don’t think you’ll ever look back, once you “let it slide,” there’s no going back. 

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